OCTOBER 4, 2016: “The Day Of The Homemade Kitchen Flowers” …

I’ve been treating myself with fresh once a week for going on five years, despite the fact that Williamson is an avid flower sender. Meanwhile, I’d been hoping and praying that eventually Gia would notice and finally ask me the question for which I’ve been SO excited and prepared. But I wanted her to be the one to initiate the conversation so my answer would take root in her psyche forever …

ME: It’s turning out great, right? My homemade “kitchen flowers” make me so happy every week!
GIA: The arrangement is really pretty this time, mom. Plus, it’s hydrangeas AND lillies, BOTH of our favorites combined! But I have a question though. Daddy ALWAYS sends you flowers, so why do you even NEED to buy your own?
ME (Heart SWELLING): Because daughter, WHY NOT? I decided many years ago that I was going to stop waiting for the world and all the people in it to “bring me my happy” and get out there and start bringing it to MYSELF! It’s especially important for moms to treat themselves kindly when they can, because it’s a very hard job and sometimes the things that moms do and give tend to go unnoticed or recognized, often unintentionally. Life happens and people get busy – ESPECIALLY most daddies – so moms have to remember to appreciate and value themselves regardless of who else remembers. You will always be able to make and find your OWN joy in life, as long as you are willing to search for it. So, I want you to promise me that when you grow up you will treat YOURSELF to fresh flowers often, BECAUSE YOU CAN AND DESERVE IT!
GIA: Mommy, you know what? I am SO going to do that and I’m going to give this same talk to your granddaughters one day! We will start a new trend in our family of “get yourself some flowers girl”!
ME: You just made my day, Gia. I’ve been waiting for you to notice that I buy myself flowers forever and finally ask me why! Now that you know, I really, REALLY hope that someday when you have a house of your own and I stop by to make a visit that I see some “homemade kitchen flowers” on your counter from YOU to YOU!


Now, I want to challenge every woman I know who is going to read this right now to go and get herself some kitchen flowers TODAY! Life’s too short NOT to live like the queen you truly are, and bringing yourself flowers is one of the most perfect ways to treat yourself like royalty.