FEBRUARY 4, 2020: “Challenging A Dragon” …

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Facing yourself in the mirror, day after day, as a fake, a fraud and a murder. Yes, I believe that eating disorders are nothing less than murder attempts of OURSELVES. Please let me explain …

I am in my eighth year of recovery, after 19 years active. I overcame “my dragon” by “overcoming myself”. I had to find my own missing reflection in the mirror, which, was difficult, but I did it. I slayed her. The beast. “My dragon”. She could have killed me by the way, so yes, I was allowing this beast to try and MURDER me! Nothing more. Nothing less. This is something I wrote in May of 2008, the day I started my journey out of the cave she and I were living in. It’s long, but it is me, and it is real: In The Light.

I sincerely hope this reaches anyone who is struggling with a dragon of their own find the strength and courage to FIGHT! PLEASE, my friends, FIGHT YOUR DRAGON! You can do it. Be strong. Pick up your swords. CUT HER AT THE NECK and walk away. Every single one of you deserves so much better than the DARK cave this thing has you sequestered in. You. Can. Do. This! … Cat (a/k/a The Dragon Slayer)

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