NOVEMBER 13, 2020: “One Light Burning” …


THE GREEN MILE” … One of my favorite movies EVER! And for anyone else who’s not only seen it, but has also been HIGHLY impacted by it, this picture will probably make you feel either one of two ways:


… or …


If you know this movie well, you probably know the full quote ::

I’m tired, boss. Tired of being on the road, lonely as a sparrow in the rain. I’m tired of never having me a buddy to be with to tell me where we’s going to, coming from, or why. Mostly, I’m tired of people being ugly to each other. I’m tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world…every day. There’s too much of it. It’s like pieces of glass in my head…all the time. Can you understand?

For an empath like me, this picture could make me feel completely exhausted, drained and empty. In being honest, before I elevated myself and my thought processes to a much more evolved space, I would have been completely exhausted, drained, and empty after seeing it. But now?

I’m a Warrior. Motivator. SURVIVOR;

So, this picture just makes me even more determined to find all the Light in this seemingly dark and hopeless place and throw it all up into the sky like the endless fractions of stars and magical twinkle I know I am!

Yes, it’s true that “some people” can be mean, selfish, twisted, toxic, hate-filled ASSHOLES. But not “all people”. All the hope, faith and positive energy you will ever need IS out there somewhere, you just have to look with a different set of eyes to find it! Now that I think of it, all the “love, light, and optimism” is inside of YOU, and you’ll RISE by lifting others. Just take a good look in the mirror to find it.

Smiles are free, laughter is infectious, and kindness and compassion are worth their weight in actual gold, so in the wake of all the chaos that seems to surround us, get out there and BE that …


All alone in the dark – no walls no windows. Trying hard to define Heaven from hell. Standing out in the rain with just one shadow – nothing to see or believe beyond myself. See my life going by each moment I am alive. I keep reaching out, holding on, hoping somewhere in my life there’s one light burning. I feel it like my heart beating inside. Somewhere in my life – there’s one light burning. All alone with my fears – no words are spoken. A story yet to be told locked in my mind. Hope is somewhere ahead shining brightly, but the past is always following close behind. I feel it like my heart beating inside. Somewhere in my life – there’s one light burning – leading the way … leading the way. {Richie Sambora}