DECEMBER 2, 2020: “You’re Just LAZY!” …


Let me ask you something: Did you feel this one? In your core? HOW DID IT MAKE YOU FEEL? I hope it made you feel relieved! Listen up, my friends! YOU’RE GONNA BE OKAY! If I can do this, you can do this! YOU’RE A SURVIVOR, TOO! Keep the faith and fly from the inside, because there is no easy way out! And hey, look, if no one else in this ENTIRE world believes in you … HERE’S SOMEONE WHO DOES! Me! I believe in you!


Bulletproof. Adrenalized. Burning up. Cauterized. I’m the roar. The battle cry. Screaming out … IT’S MY LIFE! It’s my time! My fight! I’m unstoppable! I’m unbreakable! It’s my pride, my ride. I won’t be denied! How you like me now? Alive ‘cuz I believed. You tried to knock me out, but you couldn’t drop … no you couldn’t drop me! I’ll never bow down! Never own defeat! ‘Cuz you messed with a fighter! I stand here baptized by the fire. A SURVIVOR! Supercharged. Flying high. All lit up. Electrified. I’m the storm. A hurricane. Rising up like a tidal wave! {Scott Stapp}

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