DECEMBER 2, 2020: “You’re Just LAZY!” …

“Cat? Did you just say I’m LAZY?


Let me ask you something: Did you feel this one? In your core? HOW DID IT MAKE YOU FEEL? I HOPE IT MADE YOU FEEL RELIEVED! Listen up! YOU’RE GONNA BE OKAY! If I can do this? YOU CAN DO THIS!


Keep the faith my friends! Keep flying from the inside because there is no easy way out! And hey, if no one else in this ENTIRE world believes in you …



Bulletproof. Adrenalized. Burning up. Cauterized. I’m the roar. The battle cry. Screaming out … IT’S MY LIFE! It’s my time! My fight! I’m unstoppable! I’m unbreakable! It’s my pride, my ride. I won’t be denied! How you like me now? Alive ‘cuz I believed. You tried to knock me out, but you couldn’t drop … no you couldn’t drop me! I’ll never bow down! Never own defeat! ‘Cuz you messed with a fighter! I stand here baptized by the fire. A SURVIVOR! Supercharged. Flying high. All lit up. Electrified. I’m the storm. A hurricane. Rising up like a tidal wave! {Scott Stapp}

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