SEPTEMBER 17, 2021: “A Love Note To My Body!” …

Dear Me,

Today is your birthday … “Fifty-TWO-Good-To-True” … so, what better way to celebrate the beautiful life you are living than to read this love note to the body you still get to occupy despite your best attempts to ever so passively, yet ever so aggressively murder it for too many years to count?

When you saw this stranger’s words recently, they leveled you in the most bittersweet ways. Since that day, you’ve read them over and over and over again, and knowing you the way I do, I suspect you’ll continue to do so for the remainder of your journey here on Earth. They’re impeccable and powerful to us both!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, once again, thank you JESUS, Amen! Indeed, you ARE the REAL Cat Williamson … a Warrior, Motivator, Survivor; divinely inspired creature slaying QUEEN, and God’s absolute favorite daughter.

~ Love, Me

To anyone reading this, yes, this is one of those songs that has impacted my life in such a profound way that it’s earned a repost in my Diary. Only this time I’ve changed up the words:

Never again! Never give in! Never give in! I wouldn’t have wished that on just anyone, but she seemed to share my impulse. I wouldn’t have taken that from just anyone, but she seemed to like the result. So, I connected the dots and I told her when to stop. I chose to keep on going rather and NOT be something that I’m not. We were creatures of habit. We couldn’t live without it. We didn’t have to answer to anyone. We were chasing the rabbit, like creatures of habit, and no one else knew where we were coming from. And everything has changed, ’cause I didn’t fucking run away. There’s no need to panic, ’cause it’s no longer tragic.
{Words Adapted from “Creatures” , by Shinedown}

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  1. This love note to my body is really hitting home hard right now!! Thank you so much because I needed to read this and realize I am going to be alright. You’re amazing as always ☮️💟☯️


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