NOVEMBER 14, 2021: “The Sun WILL Rise” …

For every other person who “shows the world” nothin’ but the lollipops and rainbows in their lives, there’s the ones like me who are here to keep things REAL! Yup, I hit the ground this weekend and leveled the YEARS of blood, sweat, tears, and toil slaying my dragon. Literally, and not metaphorically, all that hard work went in the fucking toilet.

Yes, my friends, even phoenixes crash and burn, especially when what’s “eating her alive” the most are things out of her control such as crocodiles and spider webs that want to devour her babies alive. For now, I’ll just have to forgive myself with all of the power and grace that I am, get the crown back up on my head, pick up my sword, and put the fucking CREATURE to sleep once again. I am only as weak as my very worst enemy, which at the moment has just became me. This too shall pass. “Just for today, I will try to live through THIS day only.” But here’s what else I’m telling you all … I will not REST until the day that FUCKING Venom suit is finally off my kid’s body. In the meantime …

My Dearest Cat:
I can see the weight there in your eyes. I can feel the thorn in your side. Your knuckles are bruised from a losing fight (again). The road we’re on’s not a dead-end street, even with the glass broken underneath our feet. You KNOW the day will break this Sunless night. THE SUN WILL RISE! You haven’t lost your Light – THE SUN WILL RISE! YOU’LL BE ALRIGHT! You’ve been stuck in a storm like this before and felt the wind raging at your door. We couldn’t move, we couldn’t breathe, we couldn’t find a way out. Still those clouds all disappeared and you and I finally made it here, maybe just so you could hear me say: THE SUN WILL RISE! YOU’LL BE ALRIGHT! I already know that you can see it, even though it’s so hard to believe it. It’s times like now you just need to hold on to your faith. YOU are the answer to our prayer, and I swear when TOMORROW comes … THE SUN WILL RISE. IT’LL BE ALRIGHT!
Love you FOREVER … “ME”
{Adaptation from “The Sun Will Rise” by Kelly Clarkson}