JANUARY 21, 2023: “National JUST LOOK AWAY Day!” …

Awwww! How sweet! Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, Jean-Claude Van DAMN mother effing hugs! Step right up, folks, ’cause it’s “National Hugging Day“, which I guess means that imma have to stay in my effing house, ’cause umm …

Did you also know that hugs were invented to drive that probably only 0.1% of humanity who not only don’t like hugs, but after they’ve had to cordially, awkwardly, or unexpectedly get hugged by some well-intended “hugger” who prolly didn’t even mean to assault them, they then have to go rinse their body and soul off with SOAP and SAGE quite literally over the edge? Yup. THAT’S ME! I’m one of those oddball “0.1 percenters” who doesn’t really even want to “people“, much less be stood too close to or HUGGED (unless I WANT TO)!

Ironically, if for some strange reason I really DO want a hug or some, err, “other” (wink, wink) kind of physical connection from a MAN, I literally can’t and WON’T keep my hands off him without either a restraining order or death. My poor husband, God rest his soul, had to literally hide from me at times because assaulting his physicality was my favorite recreational sports.


Hi everyone! It’s me, CAT! Unless I’ve known you for, like, 140 years, and have a VERY close relationship with you … OR I’ve given birth to you … OR you’re going to be party to giving me grandchildren one day … OR I’ve been in love with, engaged to, or married to you … if you see me walking by, look away and don’t get any smart ideas. I may be a “cute” cat at times, but I’ve also been arrested for assaulting someone who physically assaulted me against my will, and will happily go back again.

Now, get out there and just hug the ever loving SHIT out of anyone in your path – BUT – on the off chance that you got this message “loud and clear” and you see me out of the castle today, alls I’m sayin’ is that maybe you could at least just warn a bitch first:

Umm, hi! Did you KNOW that today is National Hugging Day? Guess what, then? INCOMING!

2 thoughts on “JANUARY 21, 2023: “National JUST LOOK AWAY Day!” …”

  1. Hi Cat Hope this finds you well. Even amazing warriors such as yourself have cloudy days and I sincerely wish you the best life has to offer.

    I am writing for a couple of reasons. I only ask your inner truth be my scale.

    First and foremost I want to thank you and am truly grateful for letting me in your world. Not kidding either. It’s like soul fruit or candy for me and is a ray of sunshine your Kindred Spirit brings

    Please don’t think for a second I’m stroking your ego either. I really mean it. It’s divine air to breath so rare, your free, unfettered honesty, and kick-like-a-wild mustang wit, is pure spiritual honey chased with sips for the mind, apple pie moonshine yahooooo lol

    I’ve tried commenting on quora a few times more but somehow, mysteriously, was unable.

    It’s my wheelhouse so it wasn’t anything new but it did keep me from sharing my thoughts with you briefly so playing catchup and rambling a bit as a result lol

    Cat, I know you don’t know me, in real life, so to speak and I am leary of giving to much of my story because it really is so far fetched and tbh painfully honest, unbelievable.

    I shouldn’t even be alive. Several times over. I’m literally a walking miracle.

    It’s perfectly upside down too. If you search me online it’s not very pretty. In fact, it’s pretty ugly.

    I’m a 5 time violent felon. I’ll be 61 next month and 4 of those were in the last 8 years. Including being sent to prison in 2019.

    It looks bad on the surface but when the truth comes out it’s going to look pretty bad for some folks in a shiny exterior, rotten core little town

    The woman sleeping by my side as I type this has been in love with me since the mid 70s when we went to high-school together.

    She has been through hell. She has no fear of me as she knows I am a protector not an abuser. I’ve never laid hands on her in anger.

    When we moved to this fixer upper in the country we lived and walked in Living Joy. Despite hardship that was no fault of our own, we weathered storm after storm.

    In the spring of 2012 something very profound and scientifically unexplainable began happening to me.

    It was beyond amazing and it’s where also what was divine in nature put me and my family on a path that tore my world and reality as knew it, too shreads

    But inside, I was golden. Until that too was ripped from me but only because I broke and became very ill.

    Cat, what I’m talking about is what Christians call the Holy Spirit.

    It was in every microscopic part of me. I didn’t realize it but Bren’ my wife told me I spoke in tongues for months. Not solely and I was aware of some of it, even understanding it.

    My brother is a minister in Iowa. He has masters in both theology and divinity.

    I didn’t always listen or take my Spiritual guest’s advice and vastly overestimated how Christians would recieve or perceive what was happening to me.

    I thought they would be filled with Joy.

    I asked my brother over one phone conversatio n “Mike, can’t possession ever be a good thing?” Oh, at the time I had no idea what was happening, as I, unlike my brother, had little knowledge of Christian doctrine and only heard of the Holy Spirit as part of their beliefs.

    My brother never once mentioned the holy ghost to me nor encouraging words. Even though, one morning I, with my wife, and ten year old son present brought an animal back to life right before their eyes. What’s beyond science is, and my son can testify to this as he felt the body. It had rigamortis on one side of its body not to mention was bleeding or rather dripping brown fluid from it’s lungs\ mouth

    I had no doubt that little wild animal would soon be warm and breathing, returning to it’s long past lifeless body.

    “Save it” I heard below a whisper like a soft feather barely touching my consciousness.

    I heard this as it’s body hit the ground as a result of me tossing it our my garage when I found it dead and didn’t want it in my garage and planned to bury aftet my son got on the bus.

    For brevity’s sake, I’m just touching briefly on a couple of what was the beginning of a complete dismantling of everything I loved, my reputation, my life as a knew it but it didn’t kill me and I’m not still breathing but much wiser and naive no more

    I’m letting you know this in hopes of having, at the very least, someone who understands on a level that few can.

    I won’t write you again unless it’s something you’re not just ok with, but feel a sense of ..Destiny

    If I don’t hear back from Please don’t feel bad or that I think one iota less you. And that I also very sincerely mean with all my heart

    I know how this looks and sounds. That, and from experience is why I have tried, until recently, to stay under the radar.

    One last thing, Quora took my phone over earlier this evening. While I was answering a question that I couldn’t resist. “Do You Lie”

    It wasn’t all that long of an answer but it was also after getting under someone’s skin When I posted this question “Why is Quora so full of people who are so full of themselves?”

    It’s a character flaw to poke-the-bear as one person put it to me years ago when I pissed off a judge lol

    Anyway, people started answering, only one didn’t disable comments.

    Which I commended her for plus was more gracious than could’ve been as all answers cited me as being the “empty” one or illiterate urchin basically lacking the education to rise above my limited inferior view.

    As entertaining as it was, it did make feel sorry for the human race.

    Then I saw that question about lies if had to share some things I know about that subject.

    Soon, my phone not only became so unresponsive, sluggish but could see my text being

    I do have a degree in electronic engineering specifically computers and networking..it’s a little old but the mechanics are the same..someone on Quora was snooping on my phone and copying, downloading my files…I will have proof when I delve into net logs, possibly even do some tracerts, and take a peek into os registry or whatever the android equivalent is.

    Cat, I do apologize I’m not a conspiracy guy just know what I’m talking about I just thought that if I don’t hear from you to give you a heads up

    Shiza I almost forgot! When I was almost finished answering Quora app disappeared off screen I brought it back up and everything I wrote..Gone!

    The answer would scare a lot of people in the gravity of it’s implications just didn’t think it would pop so quick.

    Needless to say Q is off my phone for good now.. I’ll access it via browser maybe Heh

    I hope I didn’t upset you in the slightest I will always have a deep respect for you and be grateful our paths crossed And ofc enjoy reading your perfectly Cat sense of humor, pearls of wisdom, and your fearless, poetic warrior’s ❤️

    Your friend AeRoK


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