MARCH 15 2023: “When In Rome” …

“Hi everyone!

It’s him, POPE!

… and our group of 25 outstanding students and 15 adults representing John Paul II Catholic High School on an epic Spring Break excursion!

Although I am no longer a practicing Catholic, I am a major fan of Jesus and His Father (the only two beings I have ever or will ever idolize). Even still, this adventure with the Mona Lisa was exceptionally moving for me, in that every one of the “signs” I’d asked for before taking off from Dallas were found here on this journey. As such, I have made some fairly serious life decisions that are going to change everything for me going forward, which changes are sure to avail themselves over the course of time here in The Diary.

In the meantime, I feel happy, humbled, at peace, and even more connected to the Universe and my “nothing, everything, ALL OF IT” life that I’m blessed enough to still be partaking in. More so than that am I grateful beyond words for the many gifts that the king left in his ashes such that Gia and I have the luxury and privilege to live this absurd life on our terms, see the world, and make the utmost out of this great adventure.

I don’t know why this is my life, and that’s hers.

(Angelina Jolie)

No, I do not know why. God Himself know I don’t deserve any of this. Here I am, though, still rocking my favorite daughter gig, because for some reason He continually showers me with me all the power and grace I can possibly handle, even despite myself and my retched ways. Every widowed mom should be so lucky.

For the record, although although we did take a few pictures, for the most part we stayed immersed living IN all the moments rather than watching them from behind a lens.

~ “The Pietà” ~

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