MAY 24, 2018: “A Castle Of Brick & Stone” …


Dear Frog:

3,286 days have passed since the first time you said “I love you”.

3,054 days have passed since the night you gave me your heart, a little silver band, and a promise of the best life any man could provide.

3,055 days have passed since Gia and I moved into your 600 square foot apartment in Fairview after my father said these words to you: “You’re a loser who will never amount to anything and you’ll NEVER be my son in law. MY son in law lives there!” (Then he pointed out the back window to the very beautiful house I’d long since left behind and was never going back to.)

Countless days have passed since our story began that you still never cease to amaze me! You are still my hero, and if we had to go back to the apartment in Fairview I would happily go. I could live anywhere, as long as you’re there. It’s not about the “house”, it’s about the “home”. You’re a prince among men and I am so thankful for you today. You have continued to give us EVERYTHING, and I’m so damn proud to be your wife!

Love Beyond Words