OCTOBER 24, 2020: “The Picture” …

“The Picture” …


… he built “for these moments”.

It’s all he ever wanted, it’s why he built this house, and this was one of the “firsts” in her life he was looking forward to the most … the very first picture of her all decked out in formal attire on the staircase he built for these moments. I know he was smiling as he watched this entire weekend as she reveled in her Freshman Year homecoming festivities. My heart is full as I memorialize this milestone in tribute to the manywishes and dreams” he had for her!

Did I miss him tonight? Of course I did! Did I cry? Nope. I couldn’t. I was just so happy to finally see her on those stairs living the dream that he designed for us. It would have broken his heart to see either of us crying, and especially taking “the picture”. So then, no tears. Only joy, and smiles, and an abundance of gratitude. Besides, he was here with us in all of this, just like he always is, and always will be!

Thank you Zachariah.

You were the king of both our hearts.

And believe it or not?

You still are!