OCTOBER 30, 2020: “A Better Version Of Me” …


(The Former Mislead & Completely MISINFORMED “Not So REAL” Cat Williamson)

Yes, these are the words I used to say about “selfies”! Upon further deliberation, however, I have since changed that narrative to something more like this:

So, with that, here’s the entire deal: If I don’t love me, 100% unconditionally, and value, see and treat myself as the QUEEN I KNOW I AM, why on EARTH would anyone else? We treat others as we wish to be treated, right? Well, today I’m treating myself with the utmost of appreciation and importance. I am literally my own biggest fan these days! Well, me and the Big Guy that is … and HE DOES NOT MAKE TRASH! If He adores and values me above all things, SO SHOULD I!

Self-acceptance, LOVE, and appreciation are okay in appropriate doses, if not a necessary evil, so, TAKE THE FUCKING SELFIE!

Look … I’m the one who “gets” to spend the most time with me of all, so, isn’t it a damn good thing that I’ve finally reached this place in my journey? I Jean-Claude Van Damn LOVE who I am and all the places I’ve been! Hell – if I had to be stuck with that “old me” I DESPISED for the next fifty years? Umm? No thank you, I’LL PASS! She was her own worst fucking enemy, not a fan of me at all, and didn’t deserve to wear the crown that once adorned her jacked up little head, because she didn’t believe she deserved it!

Hi everyone, it’s, me, CAT! I am Fifty-ONE-Derful years old, and fearfully and wonderfully made! So, with that:
Excuse the mess! I didn’t see you from behind. I caught a glimpse, but the reflection’s only mine. It’s almost like I’m paralyzed and locked outside myself. I don’t need to concede because I won’t be someone else! I am not perfect, and I don’t claim to be, and if that’s what you wanted, well, then, I’m so sorry! How ’bout a better version of the way that I am? How ’bout a better version that makes me understand? How ’bout a better version of the way that I am? The way I look … the way I speak … HOW ‘BOUT A BETTER VERSION OF ME? Excuse the wall I put it up from time to time. A silver shade, and the design is all mine. It’s just a maze that every day I seem to be stuck in. It never seems to fade away, but I pray for the day it ends.
{Adaptation by the “Better Version” Of Me”}

To call it one of my favorites would not do it any justice. It’s so much more than just a song to me. IT’S A WAY OF LIFE! I will never forget the first time I heard it. I was at the gym, working out with the King who insisted that I already was the best version of “me” that there was. As I listened, the words ripped me to shreds in a hundred different ways. It was good, bad, beautiful, awful, and absolutely FUCKING amazing at once! After that, I would listen to daily, sometimes over and over, until it became one of the processes that completely rewired my broken self-image and head.

Truth being told, if I wasn’t out of space on my body to ink out any further mantras in as dignified a way as I have thus far (if there is such a thing, lol), I would have every word of this most empowering song tattooed in its entirety on my body! You’ve heard it said before that “we are what we do, say, and think”. Well, my friends, I am here to tell you all that I’m finally the best fucking version of “me” that ever was and ever will be. Thank you, GOD! Amen!

With that, I want to challenge you to post a selfie very soon. You are PERFECT, and it’s OKAY to love yourself, as long as you’re doing it from a truly humble place and always keepin’ it real “Nothing. Everything. ALL OF IT” style!