NOVEMBER 23, 2021: “Rise Up To YOU!” …


It’s ONLY you! It’s only YOU who can fill those cracks in your broken heart with the most magical healing compound of them all: YOU! No, I take that back. What I meant to say is YOU AND GOD! Not you and someone else. Not you and somewhere else. Not you and strangers, or money, or fame, or fortune, or stuff, or drugs, or alcohol. Just you, yourself, and that beautiful reflection standing in your mirror that you’ve been refusing to make peace with and fall in love the way that God fell in love with you about two billions eons before you were even born. He never meant for us to seek the pleasures of this world … that’s the trick the devil did. God wants to be the One to bring you happiness and peace, because if anyone besides us knows how this world keeps on disappointing us, it’s Him. He wants us to turn to HIM, and then back to ourselves, so that we don’t hurt US or anyone else anymore.

Let’s face it folks, there’s always gonna be some kind of darkness lying in wait just ahead of us. I mean, ‘cmon, have you seen this world we’re living in? No matter how bright the artificial lights we flip on and off to navigate ourselves through it all, or how many steps ahead of all the bullshit we try to stay, there’s always gonna be a bottomless pit of EMPTY just waiting to swallow us alive. Guess what? That internal spotlight we often hide from is the exact same one that emits the true power and grace from our soul that allows us to see the beauty of our own reflection.

The more we stray, the less we fear, and the more we reach, the more we fade away.

Umm, can’t you just smell the paradox? This whole self-love dealio seems to contradict itself, does it not? We need to find our light. We were meant to find our light. Our light is both ourselves and God. You know? GOD – the One Who is to be feared and not feared all at once? He WANTS us to shine that light on ourselves – SHINE HIS LIGHT ON OURSELVES – but that light can be super scary. “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Now those are some scary words, too. Truth be told, some people don’t want the responsibility that comes with such a powerful force, so they opt for the easy way out of all they were meant to be, leave themselves behind, head into the world to find themselves in “someone or something else”, then wonder why they feel so lost, and empty, and lonely.

Unless and until you take hold of all that power and wield it like a beacon in the night, you will always be hoping for “other indications” of who you really are and seeking “higher elevations” from the outside world you were never meant to seek. Trust me when I say this, ’cause I’ve been there and done that, but if you aren’t capable of being at absolute peace in the company of your own solitude, any other person, place, or thing you attempt to have a relationship with is nothing more than a cruel trick that you’re playing on yourself to avoid facing the gaping hole in your heart left by this world. Why don’t you try giving yourself as much time, love, and attention as you give to other people and see what kind of MAGIC happens to that reflection in your mirror. Just rise up, STAY RISEN, and go back home to YOU!


I was hoping for an indication. I was seeking higher elevation. I’ve been shaken, waking in the night light. I’ve been breaking, hiding from the spotlight. The more I stray, the less I fear, and the more I reach, the more I fade away. The darkness right in front of me. Oh, it’s calling out and I won’t walk away. I would always open up the door. Always looking up at higher floors. Want to see it all give me more. I was always up for making changes. Walking down the street meeting strangers. Flipping through my life turning pages. Like a prayer that only needs a reason. Like a hunter waiting for the season. I was there, but I was always leaving. I’ve been living, but I was never breathing. Flipping through my life turning pages. I’m bursting like the fourth of July, so color me and blow me away. I’m broken in the prime of my life, so embrace it and leave me to stray. I would always open up the door. Always looking up at higher floors. Want to see it all give me more. {Imagine Dragons}