SEPTEMBER 1, 2021: “My F**kn’ PERFECT Flaws” …


What is your biggest character flaw?

(The Real Cat Williamson On Quora)


My biggest character flaw is that I am, indeed, an extremely FLAWED “character”:

Keep in mind that this list could go on forever, and that these are just a FEW of my “lowlights”! While I’m not proud of ANY of them, I’m working on ALL of them ALWAYS! With the exception, of course, of my avid disdain for both narcissists and “mothers” who abandon, abuse, neglect, or emotionally torture their children. In my mind, those “things” aren’t even human, so I am wholly unable to extend any grace in those directions. Sorry. NOT SORRY! I’m only human, after all, and YES, I have a “dark side“, so I’m just letting God work out all my details.

Meanwhile …

What if I told you that FAILING to be the PERFECT human character and learning to be okay with it – NO – WAIT – BETTER than okay with it, is likewise THE greatest success of all?

Embrace your f**kin’ flaws, my friends, ’cause you were never meant to be a “Stepford CHARACTER” – PLUS – “perfection” is fuckin’ BORING! Now that I think of it, “perfection” is a LIE, so, don’t buy in to all that BULLSHIT!

Look, if it isn’t gonna matter a month from now, a year from now, or when you’re kissing this world bye-bye, just cut yourself a break, revel in all your messiness, forgive yourself when you FUCK UP, and laugh at yourself as much as possible! Lol! Why do you think I’m laughing all the time? It’s usually because of ME and the stupid things I do, ’cause I’m probably one of THE biggest human clusterfucks I’ve ever known. That’s not self deprecation by the way – it’s self awareness, self appreciation, AND self LOVE!

Hi everyone! It’s me, The REAL Fuckin’ IMPERFECT Cat! I wouldn’t change a FUCKING thing about myself. NOT ONE! I’m the beautiful disaster QUEEN God made, unfiltered sailor’s mouth and all, and I’m riding this chaos bus I’m on all the way down my VERY bumpy road until the bittersweet, beautiful end!