NOVEMBER 30, 2021: “Bad Seeds And Rotten Apples” …

ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS RIGHT NOW? I mean, but seriously people. WHAT THE HELL? Whereas I would say that my mouth just hit the FLOORA, I’m gonna rather say my mouth just hit the QUORA!

NOTHING DEFINES A “BAD KID”, except, that is, for the TOXIC ADULTS who refer to kids as “BAD”! So, let’s have a looksie at the powerful and vast differences between two seemingly simple words that are all too often are simply tossed into the dirt like so many poisonous seeds with absolutely no caution to the wind whatsoever …

“BAD” v. “GOOD”

DIDJA GET ALL THAT? If not, go back and read the definition of “BAD” over and over and OVER again until you’ve FINALLY hammered it into your skull!

When a parent, caretaker, or any adult refers to child as “bad”, they are, by definition, saying they’re poor quality, low standard, inferior, second-rate, unpleasant, disagreeable, and UNWELCOME! Generally speaking, when someone hears that something is “BAD”, it’s almost always a negative connotation, except of course when something is “bad to the bone” or cool!

PLEASE don’t get me wrong – children can be difficult. This I know all too well! Lol. Unless you really know me and had the privilege of knowing me as a child, what you don’t know is that I was thought to be and told incessantly that I was, indeed, DIFFICULT! But, umm, have ya met any “adults” since you yourself have been one?

The last time I checked, human beings in general can just be downright DIFFICULT! Are there “bad behaviors”, “bad choices”, and “bad situations”? Umm, YAH! You know, kinda like the bad behavior of the approximately sixteen and counting dumb as ass ASSES who went to great lengths trying to quantify what defines a BAD kid” in answer to that Godforsaken question!

BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORDS! Oh, and don’t think for one second that just because you don’t refer to your child as “BAD” either directly to them or within their earshot that they don’t know exactly what think about them. Not only do some actions speak much, much louder than words, kids aren’t as oblivious as you think they are, and they’re usually always listening!

Look, I’m certainly no doctor, but I am an adult survivor of one of THE most challenging mental illnesses there is. As such, I have spent more than my fair share of “time in the chair” with real doctors and mental health professionals trying to reconnect the broken transmitters in my formerly jacked up fucking psyche. More so than that, during my various periods of hospitalization and group therapy settings, I have personally known an entire army of equally dismantled adults whose “insanities” almost always rooted back to the toxic words and labels gifted them by the “adults” in their childhood lives. My point being – I know all too painfully well what a heaping pile of BULLSHIT these words are:

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.

Umm, yes!


Not only can words most definitely hurt you, they can also unwire the original hardwiring you came packaged with the day you were born. Unless there are specific genetic or chromosomal issues that were somehow developed in utero, babies aren’t “born” with broken minds. IT’S THE WORLD THAT FUCKING BREAKS THEM, and nine times out of ten, that destruction originates with the adults in their early lives and their abysmally negative WORDS! Just as positive words can elevate a child’s cognitive development and brain function, negative words can destroy and misdirect healthy cognitive development and brain function! So, with that, unless you are evil (and YES there are purely EVIL “parent things” out there), YOU CAN DO BETTER!


I didn’t give up the fight – I gave up on what’s right – everything I should’ve believed. I don’t care about the warnings, just who I’ve become. You swore that I wouldn’t succeed. I know that you’re wrong! Insanity embraces me – it’s what I chose and it’s what I believe. I still stand here strong! I won’t deny, deny, the Sun never shines. It always rains on me. I can’t deny, deny, that I’ve never tried. No honor amongst us thieves. Inside, inside – I try to survive, strangled by the waste. You can’t deny, deny, that I never tried. It’s always been on me. I’m just a bad seed. I’m just a bad seed. I’M JUST A BAD SEED! I gave up on the Light – I gave into the night – I never knew how much I could bleed. When it’s all said and done, I still stuck to my guns, I always knew what I couldn’t take. Even if I’m wrong – HONESTY IS EVERYTHING – it’s what I know and it’s what I believe. I still stand here strong! I’M JUST A BAD SEED! {Five Finger Death Punch}