JULY 25, 2022: “The Nowhere Kids” …

In the land of dirt and plaster, lies an army of a thousand nowhere kids losing ground and falling faster into a life that no one should have to live. Behind the fake family image … behind the smile of a thousand moms and dads … inside the cage that we’ve been given … I see an image of the future that we don’t have. We are the people that you hate. We are the bastards that YOU created. A generation with no place. A generation of all YOUR sons and daughters.
(Smile Empty Soul)

So, I have this “Life According To Real Cat” theory, and I’m sorry that I’m NOT sorry in advance if this Diary entry twists anyone’s drawers all up their ass … BUT …

The relationship a human being either has or doesn’t have with their biological MOTHER birth sets the tone for the entirety of their life. Short of that, every single thing a child hears (or doesn’t hear) and experiences (or doesn’t experience), has a physiological influence on their potential future mindsets, perceptions, and overall mental “wealth”.

Trust me when I say that I personally know from whence I speak, ’cause in case any of you missed the memo, I was married to a “nowhere kid” whose less than abysmal mother “THING” abandoned and left him behind to literally disintegrate before our eyes and ROT in his own remains.

Birthday to age five is when the majority of the human brain is hard-wired.

Birthday to age seven is when the most crucial tent poles of a child’s life occurs.

This is why I fiercely believe that childhood toxicity, abuse, neglect, and abandonment – especially by a “mother” – are amongst the most egregious crimes against humanity.

Parents who abuse, abandon, or neglect their children are the bane of mankind’s existence – and they’re gross – and thank you JESUS that Karma truly IS a bitch. I desperately need to believe that such crimes WILL NOT be overlooked by this Cosmos or it’s God.

Oh, and BY the way …

I am not and have not been a perfect parent. Thankfully, however, I have grown to be a parent who at least tries to fix some of the things that I’ve broken and do better. Life behind the walls of this castle is no longer life behind the walls of a “fake family image“. The smile on my face grows brighter by the minute ever since the day I decided to start breaking our family’s chains and releasing my kids from the cage so that their futures can be the ones I could never see.