APRIL 27, 2023: “Hail To The King Of The Crown!” …

Some of you may just see a picture of some random black bird sitting on a statue, but I see a bold and brazen corvid staking the claim of one of the most powerful rulers in history, Charlemagne, “King Of The Franks”, the father of Europe.

With that, and in honor both this glorious International Crow And Raven Appreciation Day and my fascination with corvids, allow me to introduce you to Karlsson, a friend and backyard resident of one of my friends and fellow “crowpagandists”, Spitfire Sparky. She snapped these epic shots of him in front of a Hamburg, Germany church in her area.

Meanwhile, good King Karl, who’d have ever thunk that a CROW would take your crown? Surely you must have missed the memo that one should NEVER cross a crow!

Long live the king …

“King Karlsson The GREATER”!

May you serve your brethren well! More importantly, still, ALL HAIL THE KING OF HEAVEN who gifted us with the wonder of these magnificent creatures!

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