OCTOBER 2, 2020: “The Wonder Of This All” …

… because some words are just MEANT to be strung together!

In these seemingly dark and arduous days, the world we live in makes it so easy to resist looking FAR beyond this place, and ourselves, for all the means and methods for mortal survival we could possibly ever know. What do we need God for? We can do everything on our own, right?


I look around and see wonder. And beauty. And joy. And majesty. In all things big and small. Everyone. EVERYTHING! It’s all woven together with promise of hope that fills me with joy and peace in my child-like blind faith and keeps me from “resisting” the path of least resistance!

When I saw “these words” today, this is the song that immediately came to my mind? It’s one of my favorites! Every time I listen to it I am reduced to the most beautiful tears. My heart races. My skin chills. I am enthralled and reminded of the wonder of everything I see … “no matter how big or small”!

What do these words mean to YOU?

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