OCTOBER 5, 2016: “MY Birthday Miracle” …

myMany years ago a very selfish woman gave birth to one of the most beautiful human beings the rest of the world would ever know, only to throw him away like a valuless piece of garbage (as did all but one of his “blood relatives” thus far). We’ve spent the last two years searching for evidence of his birth, and God forbid a single person kept or took any photos or records of his existence. And GOD forbid his “family” would help him.

Thursday, Sep. 1, 2016 . 12:23 PM:

“Hey (big brother) can you give me a call. I have a favor to ask. We need a copy of your birth certificate to help me get a passport because of my jacked up birth certificate. I’ll explain.”

IMG_7830Take a guess what “big brother’s” response was? Umm, yah, not so much. Couldn’t. Be. Bothered. It was a cut, a gut and SLAP IN HIS FACE, and he was actually reduced to tears over it. “Catherine, he STILL can’t be bothered to help me. It’s as if I don’t matter or even exist. I guess some things will never change.” As of today we now have the only three childhood pictures of him that appear to actually exist of him. Meanwhile, a very kind US Congressman who has become aware of his abandonment and accomanying lack of identity is now intervening so that he may finally have official recognition as a citizen and hopefully even a Passport! My husband is our hero and there are no words to describe how lucky we are that “they” all forsook him, because HE BELONGS TO US NOW and their loss is our EVERYTHING! He’s a man on a pedestal as long as he roams this Earth (and surely after he leaves it), and thank you GOD that he chose me and my children to finally call “his home”. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAMSON! The world is a better place with you in it!zack


Say it once. Tell me twice. Are you certain I’m alright? Just a sign to remind me tomorrow’s worth the fight. Ever changing – the story line that keeps me alive. So make a wish and say: Give me life. Give me love. Star lit angel from above. Not so low. Not so high. Keep it perfectly disguised. Ever changing – the story line that keeps me alive. My Mona Lisa’s making me smile right before my eyes. Take another look. Take a look around. Its you and me, it’s here and now. As you sparkle in the sky I’ll catch you while I can ’cause all we are is all I am. I just want you to see what I’ve always believed … You are the miracle in me. Show me faith like you do. I’m amazed at how you move. Side to side, front to back – you know how to make it last. Ever changing – the story line that keeps us alive. My Mona Lisa’s making me smile …” – Shinedown