MAY 27, 2017: “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” …

KarmaEvery now and again I will hear or see words strung together that hit me like a ton of bricks. And by this I mean REALLY powerful words that strike me in such a way that I just know I’ll be repeating them to myself the entirety of my life and then hopefully they’ll pass down through my kids. “Your Grandma Cat always used to say …”! Hee hee! 

Take for instance the day someone showed me “The Four Agreements“. Now those were game changing agreements for sure. I live, breathe and will die by them, and also, sometimes make a real mockery of them as well because after all, I am an imperfect human who screws up all the time. Well, today it happened at my daughter’s volleyball game. A friend and I were talking about “Karma”. Of course we both pointed out the obvious, “what goes around comes around, blah, blah, blah. But then she said this to me: “But just remember, so often people only think of Karma in the form of bad things coming after bad, but I believe that Karma also works in reverse, good will always come after good given time.”

I have long believed that perspective is everything, and today my lifelong perspective on “Karma” took a turn for the best day EVER! Guess I never really thought of it this way. Karma can curse you. Karma can also bless you. It is my hope that Karma will only continue to bless me, mine, and any of you who are reading this. I am thankful I heard these words today that helped me change my perspective from gloom to BOOM! That is all for now.