APRIL 20, 2023: “Not Everyone Likes Lima Beans!” …


Today is “National Lima Bean Respect Day“, and if you think I’m joking … I’m NOT! The powers that be went and made an actual day of honor for what I believe are GOD-FORSAKEN legumes. With that, I am reminded about that day I was SHOOKEN last year by one of those “QUORA QUESTIONS” I love to hate so much that, much like lima beans, are the BANE of my existence:

What extreme measures do ugly people to take to feel good about themselves?

Umm, REALLY? This question is literally unacceptable, because beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, as what may be beautiful to one may not be beautiful to another. One person’s Mona Lisa, Starry Night, or David, might be another person’s dart board, nightmare, or ogre. What a person finds “aesthetically pleasing” is a matter of purely individual perception, reality, value, and belief.

There’s this silly thing I used to say to my kids when they were little:

Not everyone likes lima beans!

These words have always been so beyond fitting in our family, because while some of us all but CRAVE those disgusting legumes, to the rest of us they are the bane of OUR existence.

Meanwhile, my friends … AND I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH … anyone who uses the word “ugly” to describe a human being, is, IN FACT, the epitome of that very word:

Unattractive. Repulsive. Unpleasant. Hideous. Ill-favored. NASTY!

… and, might I add, Jean-Claude Van DAMN kinda disgusting and “GROSS”! [See Below]

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