APRIL 23, 2023: “Are YOU Singing?” …

Why, yes! Yes, I was “singing” in my house on a Saturday night, and doing it so loudly that two little boys from my hood who were passing by my castle on an acre of land with a 6,000 foot long driveway heard me doing it. Lol! What must they have been thinking? God love the precious little souls who ended up giving me a random gift that I never would seen coming:

Is she happy? Is she mad? Is she getting hacked up by a contractor who’d been hiding in her attic? Maybe we’ll just leave her a note?

Yes, I really was “a little bit off” last night at home just “SCREAM singing” my lungs out in my ugliest pajamas, powerfully but perhaps not so gracefully! Lol. The voices in my head truly ARE legendary and Imma make sure EVERYONE can fuckin’ hear ’em!

By the way, never will i EVER throw that sweet little post it note away. I’ll treasure it along with all the sweet little “everythings” my own kids have gifted me over the years, especially when they were just about the ages of those two little nuggets who rang my doorbell! Lol. Don’t be surprised if I don’t end up having “Are You SINGING?” t-shirts printed before it’s all said and done and handing them out to random strangers!

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