APRIL 17, 2023: “The Company I Keep” …

How many of YOU can say that you’re still best friends with your high school sweetheart ~ 38 years and counting ~ and that he still sends you love songs?

Okay, so, maybe “Bad Company” isn’t quite a “love song”, BUT, the mere fact that there’s at least one person in this world who thinks of me when they get Death Punched is as close to a cosmic hug as could be.

Death Punch, Lucky Charms, crows, dirty hair, plastic crowns, trash can clothes, an unfiltered mouth that talks too damn much, a life filled with incomprehensible joy and laughter, and an unbridled heart filled with unwavering gratitude and unconditional love for those who I call MINE? Why, yes. Yes, I am.

I truly AM “Power + Grace” …

… PLUS the luckiest QUEEN alive!

That’s the masterpiece of a legacy I’m working on, folks, NOT just the birth and death dates that will be etched in granite on my headstone one day hopefully many years from now. As far as I’m concerned, it looks like I’m KILLIN’ it!

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