NOVEMBER 26, 2020: “I’m STILL Seein’ The Gold” …

Ten Thanksgivings later …

… and I still see the gold smoldering quietly in the embers, as far as my gaze to and fro, shining steadfast like a beacon to The Brighter Side Of Grey that led me to this Light … especially when I look in the mirror.

Golden is the crown that adorns my head, encrusted with all the precious diamonds of my life, not the least of which is me, the Queen I truly am, who was also created under pressure and fire.

Although the King may no longer reign beside me here on Earth and my sister has moved miles away, I still have my fire babies and so many beautiful strangers. Meanwhile, I am so beyond grateful on this day that words from ten Thanksgivings still apply and that I’m still seein’ gold in that fire:

These lonely hours like a fire refining something that’s precious – something that’s shining. There in the darkness, surrounded by coals … it’s starting to glow.

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