OCTOBER 25, 2019: You Can’t Stop The Girl …

~ by Gia Embach~

… that moment you and your daughter sit holding hands in tears after finding THE perfect theme song at the tail end of THE best movie ever, eleven years to the day you first crossed paths with the one who swooped down and picked you both up for the MOST bittersweet flight of your lives, only to have to leave you behind with not only the ashes he tried so hard not to burden you with, but all the strength and courage you could possibly ever need to rise so far above them that only God Himself knows how high you’ll possibly fly, because if you’ve both learned anything in 64 combined years of pain, sorrow, wisdom, and beauty, it’s that there is NOTHING more powerful than The Truth, which ultimately becomes The Light, which is the ONE thing that can kill the darkness in us all. Our story might not have ended like the fairy tale we always thought it would, but once this book is finally finished it will be the stuff that legends are made of. Goodnight, everyone. (And yes, that was the longest sentence in the history of the world.)


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