AUGUST 27, 2019: “How Did You Love?” …

~ How FUCKING Dare You! ~

You have returned to sender, my love.

He was NOT “your love”! He was OURS! He was NOTHING to you, so, don’t forget that! He’s someone you birthed then DUMPED! YOU LEFT HIM!

It is not possible to express enough emotions to convey our broken hearted loss of you in this world.

Umm, REALLY? You all had an entire LIFETIME to “convey and express your emotions” to him … but where were you when he needed you the most? YOU LEFT HIM!

Your gift to this world consists of …

What in the actual FUCK did you know about “his gifts” You didn’t know ANYTHING about “his gifts”. You didn’t know him. YOU LEFT HIM!

Your legacy of love is here to stay in our hearts – forever.

Lol! His “legacy”? WE are his legacy. You didn’t know him! YOU LEFT HIM!

Our sorrow is only relieved by the realization of your relief from your own undeserved pain.

What the actual FUCK did you know about “his pain“? You didn’t know him! HE CRIED FOR YOU! He ACHED for you! He NEEDED you! YOU LEFT HIM!

It is our goal to love as you loved …

What the actual FUCK did you know about “how he loved”? You didn’t know him! YOU LEFT HIM!  

… and you will always be our pride & joy.

Umm, so, that would be a negative, ya “mother THING” straight from hell! He was OUR pride and joy! NOT yours! Not EVER! Never forget that you threw your “pride and joy” away … ’cause, umm … HE NEVER FORGOT EITHER! YOU LEFT HIM!

To “Mom”, “Big Sister”,

Big Brother & CUNT Wife:

May the endless tears he cried for ALL of you – his “family” – darken every day of your SELFISH lives and the shadow of his beautiful face staring back at you when you look in your otherwise EMPTY mirrors never cease to remind you of the “ZACK OF SHIT” you threw away! THIS is how you “loved” …

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