MARCH 2, 2020: “Winning The Game” …

"And Why Do We Fall Bruce?"
~ by The Phoenix Collaborative Project ~

Dear Younger Me,

Yes, my friend, I know exactly how you’ve been, and, no, I don’t ever want to see you here again. Don’t forget to keep those walls down and your windows open wide as you stand in your mirror often and marvel at who you’ve become. You don’t need to wish for anything when you start to fall, because after all that we’ve been through, we’ve learned how to pick ourselves back up. No more pretending. No more truth bending. This “game” is not a game … it’s a song. You’re a Phoenix. You’re a queen. YOU’RE You’re a WARRIOR and a SURVIVOR! Now go on and shine that Light in someone’s darkness the way you were always meant to. I love you, girl!

~ Me


How have you been? Nice to see you again. How quickly these conversations seem to end. You meet a friend every now and then. How quickly these relations turn into trends. Put all your walls up and open your windows and close all your doors. You catch yourself standing in front of the mirror and now you need more. What do you wish for to catch you as you’re falling. So easy to ignore, but now you hear it calling again. “I wouldn’t want to be you. This lonely game that you play between your walls you confuse. Every heart that you break. So afraid that you’ll lose. Always a void to replace. I wouldn’t want to play you. You try and pretend, the truth is hard to bend. How easy these translations can be read. What if you were led to play a different game instead. How hard these frustrations are to mend. Does it matter to you? Just wait! {Trapt}


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