MAY 17, 2021: “Into The Mystery I Slide” …

There was no-one like him. I’d lived in a world of black and white, and he was the only one in color.

… but then again …

There’ll be NO one like him. Into the mystery I slide. I’m hoping he’ll keep it all uncovered.

Kinda cryptic, right? Only God knows what the future holds for me. It’s either “been there, done that” alone, but not lonely, for the rest of my days on this Earth …

… OR …

There is “One Last King” preparing himself for ME somewhere out there in this realm.

Admittedly, I won’t be an easy catch. If and when he either does or doesn’t show up, he’ll be a TRUE “alpha man” to the core who will easily win the privilege and HONOR of taking and RULING my heart and seeing “all of me“.

But wait, Cat! Didn’t you just say you won’t be an easy catch? That seems so contradictory!

That is correct! I will not be an easy catch. But you see, if “he” is who I know he is to even capture my attention in the first place, it will be easy for him to do! It will be a cosmic clash of two Earthly titans, and that’s just the way it’s gonna be! I WILL ONLY DO THIS ONE MORE TIME and I will not not be “playing” around. HE’LL BE PLAYING FOR KEEPS! Nothing less. Nothing more. Only time will tell.

This is me speaking into the Cosmos that I’m 100% open to what and “if” is or is NOT meant to be. I call it “Queen-Speak“.


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