DECEMBER 26, 2022: “The Little White Balloon Girl” …

I can end life. I can bring life. I bring truth. I bring lies. I am heard … but not seen. Who am I? I AM WORDS.

(“Little Toy Guns“)

… and after having read through the many beautiful and powerful Christmas weekend “words” via cards and messages from not just my kids, but many dear friends and followers on my various different social media platforms, knowing MY words are enabling some other people to find a way to let go of some of the really heavy stuff that is anchoring them to either the past, the present, or even the bottom of an abyss has been my greatest gift and treasure. Lol, I even got a heartfelt virtual message from one of my favorite phoenixes of all, the wordsmith of all wordsmiths, Mr. Moody! Ask me if I was mad about it? Nope! I kinda wasn’t!

After having gone back and watched my own live video message excerpt this morning above, and especially after having heard myself refer to “feeling as light as a balloon”, I immediately remembered some “words” I’d once written to myself, my God, and my family:

I’m holding on to white balloons up against a sky of doom. Tell me you see them … ’cause what’s inside of me is invisible to most … even in clear view. I’m sending out a signal to the possibility of you … ‘cause right at this moment I know you are connected to a part of me that I don’t even know myself. The changes in me are likely to be like the weather … stormy and clear … strength into fear bound together. But I’ll break my silence if I believe that you and me could ever be more than just what’s been behind us. I desperately want to learn how to live in the rest of every moment I’m lucky enough to have here on this Earth until the day finally comes, hopefully many years from now, I can move on ahead to what is undoubtedly going to be the most peaceful place of all with a soul that is as light and free as a fistful of white balloons.
{“The White Balloons“}

… and just like that, I have once again come full circle with my beautifully broken reality over a decade after having put such powerful “words” out into the Cosmos. And thus is the story of my life. Yes, I did send out a signal to my husband, my children, my God, and MYSELF, because I knew that I was connected to a part of all of them, all of this, and all of YOU in ways that I have still yet to understand. “Nothing. Everything. ALL OF IT!” … and now, HERE I AM! Has the weather been stormy and clear often both at once? Jean-Claude Van DAMN it has! Have I broken my silence and finally come to believe that I really am so much more than just what’s been behind me? YOU BETCHA!

~ by Gia Embach~

Love me or or hate me, laugh at or mock me, “divinely punctuating” the world is aside from being a mom, my truest joy. Thank you so much to all of you who are on this wordsmithing journey of my own. If only I had a real magic wand, trust me when I say that I would run around POOFING as many of you as I possibly can into the “little white balloon girl” that I am. I just want to be as much of Light in all of this darkness that I can, so, I’ll keep holding on to all my white balloons and praying that not only can some of you can see them, but that one day you’ll be bopping around throughout eternity with a fistful of white balloons of your own.

~ Christmas Eve Words Of
Affirmation From THE Wordsmith ~