DECEMBER 20, 2023: “When The Sun Is Hard To Find” …

… and above all things, don’t forget to SHINE YOUR LIGHT and SPREAD YOUR INFECTION today! This world needs ALL the little nuggets, glimmers, and beacons of of hope and Light it can get. Nope, God has NOT forsaken us … even though, YUP, it can sure as HELL feel that way at times. I get it – I do! Even still, the choice is yours to wake up each day and DECIDE to be a Light in SOMEONE else’s darkness, no matter what less than optimal circumstances and storms are befuddling you. Let these words be the song your soul sings to the people in your direct line of FIRE:

When The Sun is hard to find … when it’s raining in your eyes … when the shadows block those pretty little blue skies living inside you. When the falling of your tears, makes a candle disappear … when you just can’t see The Light, baby I’ll find a way to shine. I’ll find a way to shine!
(“Shine” by Keith Urban)

By the way, don’t you dare forget that you can and should sing those beautiful words to YOURSELF every day, as well. Jean-Claude Van Damn, YUP, I sure as HEAVEN do belt this one out loud to ME quite often! After all, I am my own greatest love story, so, why shouldn’t I sing love songs to myself? Alrighty then! Now, snap to it people! Go on and SHINE for someone today. You just never know if someone who’s in your path might really need you to.

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