SEPTEMBER 8, 2020: “Thankfully Shattered” …

…. when it’s 365 days later and your formerly “shattered heart” has healed in ways that are still yet to fathom, such that now as you’re sifting through “9 years of joy in his eyes” you are simply and unspeakably THANKFUL.

Thankful for the adventure.

Thankful for the laughs.

Thankful for the gifts.

Thankful for the highest honor of getting to be the ONLY two girls he EVER gave his heart to and that we were his first and last of EVERYTHING.

This HAS been possible to digest and nope, I’m NEVER going to be able to turn a corner or look in any direction and not hear the sounds of their laughter, the traces of their smiles or feel the bond that they shared in the atmosphere.

He was our miracle, but the joy in his eyes was the only true joy that king of ours ever had. WE were his miracles too.

Despite how it ended, it was still a real life fairytale and we will wear the crowns he left behind for us with a smile for the rest of our lives.

He was ours. We were his. That’s the only truth we’ll ever need to know.


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