NOVEMBER 18, 2020: “Will The Sun Ever Rise?” …

MY SON. No one will ever really understand what this kid has gone through just to survive. But he’s MY kid. I made him! FUCK that venom suit, and everyone who put it on him! He’s a fighter, just like me, and just like his sister. So, will the Sun ever rise? Yes, it will! And yes, HE WILL!

Hey hey you, are you living the dream? If you’ve seen what I’ve seen, nothing is clean. Hey hey you, while I’m rolling the dice – I’m paying the price, I’ve been walking on ice. Hey hey you, just get outta my way – at the end of the day, you’ve got nothing to say! Hey hey you, see the look in my eyes! Will the Sun ever rise, will the sun ever rise?”

I love you Christian Peter, to the Moon and back!

– Momma

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